I be way concern of hundreds of beacons, trackers on each web site gathering data on you to sell to third party data brokers that will harm you in more ways than you even realize. Plus on those pop-up, malware injected ads, intrusive flash programs lighting up each page like it was the 4th of July, scams and spams, stop allowing marketers dictate the rules.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Most of those sites have since probably been updated and streamlined, but those scores were correct at the time of writing. Even the browsers themselves have helped improve page load speed in recent years. Also, take into account the hardware used was a run of the mill laptop on WiFi, not some powerhouse desktop PC. Peak memory usage – We watched the memory usage of the ad blocker’s process in the Chrome Task Manager (Shift+Esc), the maximum amount of Megabytes used during the 10 page loads was recorded. AdBlock Super – After reading reviews and doing some testing we found that this addon actually injects ads of its own from a number of third parties. At best it’s adware, at worst it’s malware and should be avoided at all costs. Below are highlighted ads we received when visiting

I would like you to test it also because I couldn’t find any error in that BAJ. Appreciated the professional approach and clarity of this report enough to disable my ad blocker on – which I’m very pleased to see did not adversely affect my appreciation of the site – and book mark the page. As a long time user of AdBlock Plus and Ghostery you’ve also given me a reason to look again at uBlock Origin.

  • That’s the name of Avira’s entry-level antivirus and it includes everything you’d expect of a modern-day security program.
  • TechRadar’s #1 rated antivirus in a world packed with loads of virus protection providers, and doesn’t even have to cost that much more than free antivirus downloads.
  • However, for most folks, it’ll be worth stepping up to the flagship Trend Micro Maximum Security, which delivers protection for Mac and mobile devices as well as Windows .
  • So there’s real-time scanning on everything that you download, torent, pull from the cloud and upload from a USB; dedicated defences against ransomware; and a file shredder for extra confidentiality.
  • The next tier product, Trend Micro Internet Security, adds some interesting extras like social networking protection.

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I’ve just tried ublock origin on 40 or 50 Youtube videos and it worked perfectly fine in Chrome. If you have customized any settings in ublock origin at all, maybe you should uninstall and reinstall the extension. Would you, please, also do a review of the effectiveness of the same adblockers? This would be a great help to answer the effectiveness question from many users. To avoid the so-called “white listed ads” in Adblock Plus, just untick the box to allow them in the “Filter Preferences” section, and they will be blocked. Google Chrome is going to block all adblockers from working. With computing power and 32GB+ of memory available, is that what you should focus on?

AdBlock Lite – Left a number of ads untouched on our test sites, even in the more aggressive Full mode. Ghostery for Chrome/Ghostery for Firefox – Ghostery can block analytic scripts, widgets, web beacons, privacy scripts and or course advertisements. The good thing about Ghostery is the ability to individually enable or disable scripts on a per site basis. Versions are available for Opera, IE, Safari and mobile operating systems. AdBlock for Chrome – The most popular ad blocker for Chrome with reportedly over 200 million downloads. There was a Firefox version released briefly but that was pulled from the Firefox add on pages for unknown reasons.