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The prices for SMS roaming have been stable for two years at 11 cents net (a good 13 cents with taxes). However, customers have to be careful that they actually use the EU tariff when they are abroad, warns Rafaela Möhl from the consumer portal Teltarif. Often other options are preset.

Day passes can save money

Much more exciting, however, is the development of data roaming tariffs, also with the ever increasing use of smartphones. A lot has happened here. It is true that roaming charges of 20 euros per megabyte can still be high. But the mobile phone providers, with the EU Commission behind their necks, introduced day and week passes one after the other, with which consumers can keep costs under control. At Vodafone, for example, you can get it for 2 euros "Travel Package Data EuropaPlus" a day pass with an inclusive volume of 25 megabytes in 15 EU countries. For 3 euros more, access runs for a week with 50 megabytes of data. In other European countries, access is a bit more expensive: a day pass for 5 euros only grants 5 megabytes of data, the weekly pass 25 MB for 10 euros. Outside Europe, customers have to shell out 15 euros for a 5 MB day pass.

10 megabyte internet package from 1.95 euros

Deutsche Telekom offers im "DayPass Europe S" for 1.95 euros a data volume of 10 megabytes, and in the "L."-Version 50 MB for 4.95 euros. In any case, however, consumers must ensure that they actually surf the Internet with a day pass – and not pay the normal roaming charges of several euros per megabyte, emphasizes Möhl.

There is an important difference between the T-Mobile and Vodafone data passes. With Vodafone, the connection simply breaks off when the time has expired or the inclusive volume has been reached. At Telekom, if the intended volume is exceeded, 4.9 cents per 100 kilobyte data block or part thereof are due. The amount of a possible data roaming bill is limited in any case: The EU Commission obliges all providers to warn consumers when the sum of just under 60 euros is reached and to only connect them after express confirmation.

Look for local alternatives

Prices will continue to be depressed in the coming year. Just in time for the 2012 summer vacation season, according to the EU Commission’s plan, each outgoing call per minute should cost a maximum of 32 cents (plus VAT), from 2014 only 24 cents. Incoming calls will cost a maximum of 10 cents per minute in the future, as will SMS messages sent.

In addition, the Commission wants to cap data roaming prices in the coming year. According to current information, the use of mobile Internet in other EU countries from summer 2012 will cost a maximum of 90 cents (plus VAT) per megabyte. By 2014, the maximum prices are then to be reduced to 50 cents per megabyte. The previous regulation will expire at the end of 2012. The commission wants to extend it until 2016.

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If the current roaming tariffs are too high for you, you can still try to find a cheaper solution with local prepaid providers. To do this, however, the cell phone or smartphone must be able to accept SIM cards from other providers, which is not the case with subsidized models with Sim-Lock or Net-Lock.

A new battery problem is currently irritating many iPhone and iPad users: Under the new iOS 11.4 operating system, the battery apparently weakens when the iPhone is connected to the WLAN. 

The update to the new iOS version 11.4 seems to have a battery problem: Many users are surprised at the shortened battery life, even though they have hardly used the smartphone. Report loudly in the Apple support forum alone "" about 2,200 people affected by the problem. Even in standby mode, the battery discharges noticeably quickly. In some cases it was virtually empty overnight.

It is believed that the problem has to do with certain WiFi connections. The connection to a 5 GHz radio network seems to overload the processor. The smartphone heats up noticeably. Older Apple devices such as the iPhone 6, 6s and 7 seem to be particularly affected by this. 

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It is unclear what exactly is causing these problems and how many people are affected. However, it can be fixed by switching to another radio frequency band. In some cases, it may also help to reset the network settings and enter the WiFi password again. 

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With the latest update, WhatsApp can now also send documents in PDF format. A new menu item offers the appropriate selection. However, the new function seems a bit stubborn here and there.

Since the update to WhatsApp version 2.12.14 for iOS and 2.12.496 for Android, the popular messaging app offers a new function for sending documents. The user can first select the source in the corresponding dialog. In addition to the Google Drive and Apple iCloud cloud services, it also includes Dropbox and others.

As soon as the source is selected, the corresponding documents can be sent via WhatsApp. However, only if the recipient has also installed the latest WhatsApp version with this function.

So far only PDF files

Users of the new function can also send PDF files in group chats and thus reach several contacts at the same time. Other file types cannot yet be sent. WhatsApp should improve this soon, so that other document formats can then also be transferred.

WhatsApp Web does not currently offer this function, although the file selection from the computer’s drive would be easy to implement here.

Some iOS users complain that the app sometimes crashes when using this feature. It is unclear whether this is related to the many malfunction reports and failures on Tuesday.

Consider data volume

WhatsApp users should keep one thing in mind, especially if they want to send very large PDF files. The transfer via cellular network may eat away at the data volume of a cellular phone contract. Even with the recipient.

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The Eurojackpot is a Europe-wide lottery that is played in Germany and 17 other European countries. Every Friday the Eurojackpot numbers are drawn in Helsinki. The profits often reach staggering heights. 

In the Euro jackpot draw on 09/21/2018, 28 million euros were in the lottery. However, the jackpot was not cracked again. But three players could look forward to more than half a million euros in prize class 2. In the next drawing there will be 38 million euros in the lottery pot. 

The winning numbers from the Eurojackpot on Friday, 09/21/2018:

Winning numbers 5 out of 50: 5 – 8 – 16 – 42 – 46 Euro numbers 2 out of 10: 2 – 10

(All statements without guarantee)

What if the jackpot dream comes true? explains: You should pay attention to this. How long do lottery players have to collect their winnings? The most important questions and answers about the winning period.

The odds

Stake: € 40,971,820.00

Prize class Wins Odds10x vacant € 23×580,434.10 35×122,915.40 € 433×6,207.80 € 5606×304.20 € 61,160×123.60 € 71,674×73.40 € 824,356×26.00 € 929.09321.10 € 1058,651×15.00 € 11 129,638×12.30 € 12443.541x € 8.80

(All statements without guarantee)

That costs a stake in the Eurojackpot

The stake costs two euros per betting field. There is also a one-time processing fee per ticket. If you want to play, you don’t necessarily need to hand in your paper ticket at the lottery office. It can also be played online on the websites of the lottery companies of the federal states or on the lottery service of The acceptance deadline for a ticket is on Fridays at 7 p.m. for the handover of tickets on paper and at 6:45 p.m. for the tip via the Internet.

Prize classes at the Eurojackpot at a glance

Correct + Euro numbers15 + 225 + 135 + 044 + 254 + 164 + 073 + 282 + 293 + 1103 + 0111 + 2122 + 1

Eurojackpot started in 2012

With the Eurojackpot, a cross-border lottery format was launched on March 23, 2012. From day one, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands and Slovenia were involved. Italy has been participating in the drawing since April 2012. In July of the same year Spain was added and in the course of the following years the group of participants expanded to a total of 18 countries.

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Ten million guaranteed in the jackpot

The drawing takes place every Friday in the Finnish capital Helsinki – under the supervision of the local police. With the Eurojackpot, a jackpot of at least ten million is guaranteed. For the main prize, players have to correctly guess five numbers out of 50 and two out of a total of ten euro numbers. The chance of the main prize (class 1) is 1: 95,344,200. For the lowest prize class (class 12) two correct numbers of 50 and one correct euro number are sufficient. Here the chance is 1 in 42.

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Apple founder Steve Jobs is dead. One of the greatest visionaries of the computer age died on Wednesday in Palo Alto, California at the age of only 56, as the company in Cupertino near San Francisco confirmed. Jobs had long had cancer. He had only given up running the business in August. He contributed significantly to the fact that there is a computer in almost every household today. The iPod music player, the iPhone mobile phone and the iPad small computer are also considered to be his creations.

The life of Steve Jobs in pictures

Photo series with 15 pictures

Apple mourns one "Visionary and a creative genius"

Apple had published the news of death on its website. The start page initially only showed a large picture of the long-time boss with the life data of 1955 and 2011. Jobs looked thoughtfully at the viewer of the black and white picture. In the photo he was wearing his typical black turtleneck. Later, on the home page, an appreciation was added: Apple mourned one "Visionary and a creative genius". "The world has lost a fascinating person"The short message continued. "Those lucky enough to know and work with him have lost a friend and mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could build and that will always work in his spirit."

In other places on the Internet too, people express their grief for jobs. Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg wrote on his page in the social network: "Steve, thank you for being a friend and mentor. Thank you for showing that what you can do can change the world. I’ll miss you." Within a very short time, hundreds of thousands of users pressed the Like button for this message and spread it further. Google has adjusted its homepage. Below the search field there is a link with the name Steve Jobs and the date of his birth and death. The link leads to Apple’s official memorial website.

Steve Jobs greatest inventions

Photo series with 7 pictures

Jobs was seriously ill

Apple also set up an electronic condolence book. Fans could send condolences messages at The board later added in a message: "Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy have been the source of the innumerable innovations that have enriched and improved our lives. The world is immeasurably better with Steve."

The seriously ill company founder resigned as CEO in August. Jobs wrote at the time that he could no longer perform his duties. However, he stayed with the group as head of the supervisory board and thus continued to have an important say. At the launch of the new iPhone 4S on Tuesday, it did not show up, to the disappointment of investors – it was only hours before the death of the defining head of Apple.

Obama pays tribute to Steve Jobs

US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle showed up "saddened" about the news of death. A White House announcement said Jobs was one of America’s greatest inventors. By building one of the most successful companies on the planet out of his garage, he has shown the spirit of American ingenuity in an exemplary manner. "The world has lost a visionary"said the president’s statement.

In 2004 Jobs had to be treated for cancer, in 2009 he got a new liver. Again and again he had to take time off from the busy day-to-day business and only appeared sporadically in public. Since January he has largely left the business to his confidante Tim Cook, who was therefore considered the Crown Prince.

Apple presents the new iPhone 4S

Photo series with 8 pictures

Steve Jobs and Apple stock

Jobs’ health was closely followed by investors. If he got worse, the share price plummeted; when there was news of an improvement, prices soared again. Even after the news of the death of the Apple founder, the share price fell immediately.