There is a disadvantage here for those with private insurance: they do not have this financial protection

Additional teething troubles are not included. This quickly becomes a problem for working parents: Who can stay at home? What to do if the boss is stressful "Every employee has the right to be released from work if their child is sick"says Michael Henn from the Association of German Labor Lawyers in Stuttgart. But there are limitations.

Paragraph 616 of the Civil Code and Paragraph 45 of the Social Security Code provide the legal framework for this. Paragraph 616 provides that every employee who is absent through no fault of their own – and this includes the illness of a child – is entitled to continued payment of wages for up to five days. A medical certificate is required for this and, under certain circumstances, proof that no other carer is available.

Not every employer grants sick pay

"However, not every employment and collective agreement contains this section"says Henn. The employer can exclude this regulation. Then Article 45 of the Social Security Code automatically applies. This states that each parent of dependent children under the age of twelve can take ten days off per year for care. It is 25 days for single parents. "In this case, however, there is no continued payment of wages by the employer, but children’s sickness benefit from the statutory health insurance."

Disadvantage with private health insurance

There is a disadvantage here for those with private insurance: they do not have this financial protection. This also applies if, for example, a working mother is a member of statutory health insurance, but the children are also insured through the father’s private health insurance.

Calling in sick yourself is fraud

Wouldn’t it be easiest to call in sick yourself? "This is fraud and can lead to termination without notice"warns Henn. In an emergency, for example if all sick days have already been used up, unpaid leave is a better bridging option. "In the long run, however, very frequent absence is problematic for the company", says Henn.

Juliane Ade, lawyer and mediator from Berlin, therefore advises working parents to be open towards their employers if frequent absence due to sick children is foreseeable. "Often you can already tell subliminally when the boss doesn’t understand the situation." In the worst case, a vicious circle threatens: "At first it’s just the dissatisfaction with the frequent lack of information, then maybe there is criticism of the work, and at some point there is a dicey mix of criticisms." If the child is sick again, the air quickly becomes thick. With a difficult boss, it can make sense to seek advice from the works council. "It is important to look at the problem from different perspectives in order to find possible solutions"says goodbye.

A time account can ease the situation

If the boss demands overtime and extra shifts, employees do not have to get involved in this purely legally: "Unless you think this is a good solution yourself"says Henn, who mentions other compromises: "Perhaps a flexitime arrangement is a relief or a working time account where the employee can divide the hours himself and thus become more flexible."

Parent-child offices can also be an alternative. "For reasons of occupational safety, however, this only works if the child is not contagious", says Christophe Göller, press spokesman for the Rhineland Regional Council (LVR). The LVR has made a parent-child room available to its employees, mainly to bridge holidays and day-off days at daycare. Some companies also offer home office arrangements for office work.

Thanks to colleagues improves the mood

Those who are absent often do not collect any plus points from their colleagues, because they usually have to take on the work. To prevent a bad mood, Ade advises: "Clarify important tasks and appointments to your colleagues and hold a brief briefing on your return." You don’t have to apologize for the lack of it: But recognition in the form of an honest thank you doesn’t hurt.

When the child is sick, working partners often end their equality. According to a study by the health insurance company DAK, in 91 percent of cases the mother stays at home with the child – and accepts the displeasure of boss and colleagues and, in the worst case, compromises in career.

Emergency mother service steps in

If there is no way of absenteeism from work, a childcare service can also be a solution. In the greater Frankfurt / Main, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne area, for example, this is offered by the emergency mothers service. "Working parents can request supervisors from us, who then look after the sick child on an hourly basis or around the clock"says Birgit Rosenbaum from the emergency mothers service in Frankfurt. It is not always possible to organize a suitable supervisor at short notice. Parents would have to allow for up to two days in advance. Parents have to pay the costs of around 15 euros per hour out of their own pocket. "We can only account for our services through the health insurance company if the mother or father is sick themselves." Parents can find information at

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An important step in the fight against pandemics: Cologne is setting up a corona vaccination center on the city’s exhibition grounds. Thousands of people could be vaccinated against the virus here every day. 

Cologne is setting up its corona vaccination center on the local exhibition grounds. The city announced on Friday that the crisis team had given the fire department and the health department a corresponding order. In addition, mobile teams are to come, for example to vaccinate people in homes. Cologne is the city with the most inhabitants in North Rhine-Westphalia.

"The Standing Vaccination Commission recommends vaccinating the vulnerable groups first, then the nursing and medical staff who come into direct contact with Covid-19 infected people, then the staff from the areas of safety and order and finally the general population", explained health department head Harald Rau. This order is believed to be correct – however, Cologne wants to vaccinate the nursing and medical staff right from the start.

At full capacity, the vaccination center should be able to pass through up to 5,000 people a day. Before the decision was made, there were also considerations of setting up contact points at the main train station or at the airport.

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Preparations are also under way in other locations. In Gummersbach, for example, a vaccination center is being built on premises that were previously used by Karstadt.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Germany, entry from the USA is only permitted in exceptional cases due to Corona. Conspiracy ideologist Robert F. Kennedy came to the demo straight from the USA – and found numerous supporters. 

Anyone who believes that the government and the state want to suppress freedom of expression and enforce compulsory vaccinations now has a logic problem: Despite strict entry restrictions, one of the biggest opponents of vaccinations was allowed to enter from the USA in the middle of the pandemic, speak at the corona demo and hold his anti-vaccination Expand network. 

It’s about Robert F. Kennedy (66), nephew of John F. Kennedy. He came straight from California. On Thursday morning, German time, he gave an interview to a pastor there, as posts in social networks show. Then on Friday afternoon he appeared at the Brandenburg Gate. This is only possible if he has either cheated or an exception has been made for him from the entry requirements.

Protest against Corona measures Berlin
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"Imperative" necessary

Because in order to be able to visit Germany from the USA, one currently has to "imperative" exist. It is not clear what the reason was with Kennedy. has "Lateral thinking" and asked his lawyer, but received no response. Some travelers bypass the regulation by first flying to Great Britain and from there to Germany. Berlin authorities have been dealing with the question of his entry at least since Friday. He got no problems. 

In Berlin, Kennedy was able to launch a European offshoot of his anti-vaccine lobby group. A meeting with vaccine skeptics from all over Europe was scheduled. They were already gathered in Berlin for the Corona protests.

At the demo on Saturday, Kennedy was on stage as a speaker. He had announced to his subscribers and fans in social networks before "largest crowd in Germany’s history" to speak. Several tens of thousands were on June 17th Street. 

The announcement that he was speaking there had sparked enthusiasm among supporters. "Lateral thinking" had publicly invited Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and him. Kennedy’s fan base, including many supporters of the QAnon movement, sees Kennedy as a shining light in the world of gloom, and some wrote that they had shed tears of happiness. For them he is the fearless proclaimer of suppressed truths and fighter against the pharmaceutical lobby. 

Kennedy Family: He’s part of a disinformation campaign

However, Kennedy does not spread objectively founded criticism of the influence of pharmaceutical companies as expressed by others. He is the most prominent reinforcer for some of the crudest and long-disproved theories around Corona. In the Kennedy family, this makes the nephew of US President John F. Kennedy a black sheep.

Sister, brother and niece declared in an open letter in 2019 that they loved him. But: "He is part of a disinformation campaign that has heartbreaking – and deadly – consequences". When it comes to vaccination, he lies "tragically wrong". They blamed misinformation he spread for measles outbreaks in the United States. Kennedy also discredits the polio vaccination: He defends the refuted thesis that it is responsible for autism. 

In the corona crisis, Robert F. Kennedy became even better known internationally. He made the cellular standard 5G jointly responsible for the spread of SARS-Cov 2 and insinuated that Bill Gates wanted to chip people for surveillance. The corona death numbers worldwide are faked in order to deal with the "pandemic planned by Gates for […] decades" To stir up fear. On stage in Berlin, he fueled the fear that the pandemic was there to completely control people and to transfer the entire wealth to a few.

Horror scenarios even before Corona

Even before the pandemic, organized vaccination skeptics raised mood in Germany with gloomy fears. "The time has come. Germany stands up"According to a video from the first half of January. And further: The people defended themselves against the global threat of an overpowering pharmaceutical industry that censors the Internet and controls the media, courts and governments and wants to impose new and terrible vaccination laws on people. 

"Children’s Health Defense Europe": The branch of the American anti-vaccination organization went public on Friday. The excerpt from the video shows Robert F. Kennedy Jr. next to Martina Choy from "Network vaccination decision Germany" and Heiko Schöning, co-founder of "Doctors for education". (Source: Screenshot YouTube)

Spokeswoman in the call for the then planned "Big demo in Munich" was Martina Choy from "Network vaccination decision Germany", and she is now a board member of, according to Kennedy "Children’s Health Defense Europe", the new offshoot of Kennedy’s organization.

She was also on the demo stage on Saturday with a second board member from "Children’s Health Defense Europe", the Belgian Senta Depuydt from "European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance" (EFVV), an umbrella organization for national anti-vaccination programs. In their own account, EFVV and "Network vaccination decision Germany" only for the freedom to decide on immunization for yourself. In fact, this means that children no longer need to be vaccinated.

Largest Facebook customer for anti-vaccination advertising

Kennedy’s lobbying organization has been very successful in raising the mood against vaccination in the USA. She stood out as the busiest Facebook customer for anti-vaccination ads in a research last year. 163 ads promoting immunization were compared to 145 anti-vaccination ads – more than 40 were from "Children’s Health Defense". The authors came to the conclusion that those who oppose vaccinations are much more experienced and successful in dealing with Facebook than those who support campaigns that promote vaccinations.

Now Kennedy wants to network his work critical of vaccinations more closely with Europe – and in Berlin they offered him the big stage. To the alleged founding event of "Children’s Health Defense Europe" accompanied him by Markus Haintz "Thinking outside the box 731", according to Kennedy’s lawyer. The Hamburg doctor Heiko Schöning picked him up at the airport in Germany. 

Schöning is the founder of a group that "Doctors for education" and has also been noticed against the mask requirement in connection with certificates of convenience. On the stage in Berlin he posed as "Defender of the suffering people" before, their fundamental rights and health "suffer from a relatively harmless coronavirus due to organized, criminal deception".