We graded apps that can monitor multiple devices and platforms higher than apps that were limited in scope. For example, to prevent family members sneaking off to be alone with their computers and smartphones, make it a family rule to locate all computers in a common area in your home such as a family room.

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Just because you asked your teen to delete an app, it doesn’t mean they did. It’s increasingly easy for teens to hide information they don’t want their parents viewing via hidden apps.

You can also adjust the app to screen for the severity of your child’s behavior on a sliding scale. If you choose to get alerted to all issues, you may get alerts if your child shows signs of merely being bummed out. If you slide the scale towards only the most severe, you’ll be alerted if the app detects things like continual talk about suicide or self-harm. We chose Bark as the best app for social media monitoring because out of all the apps we tested, it monitored by far the largest number of them–more than 30. In fact, Bark’s specialty is social media monitoring, which addresses one of the chief concerns of parents today.

  • If it is not for you, try one of the more traditional services we have discussed above.
  • Like Qustodio, Kaspersky Safe Kids has both a free and a paid tier.
  • And you don’t need to worry about locking yourself out of adult content.
  • If you deploy the app for an extended period of time, it builds up a comprehensive picture of how your kid is using the computer, including their most-used apps and most frequently accessed files.

But you can still download other apps in addition to the preexisting ones. For iPhones, you can find any app you’d like in the App Store.

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These apps are designed to hide information , and they’re known as “vault” and “secret” apps. These apps are either disguised as a common app or are password protected. Some apps, on both Android and iOS devices, come pre-installed.

Although their free option is very limited, allowing for just one profile and one device to be monitored, the premium plans are what make this app stand out. You can set Bark’s monitoring to flag issues like depression, self-harm, profanity, and others, to alert you about all areas of concern, or only notify you about the most severe potential problems.