The theory is that it’s possible to stay under 257 while pushing COR above .830 . That’s not to say Callaway has done it, but every club engineer I’ve spoken with agrees that it’s possible – and most acknowledge winzip free download full version they’re trying to live somewhere in the space between.

While face geometry also plays a role in producing consistent results, MOI is typically a good indicator of how a driver will perform when you miss the sweet spot. Callaway says it new face material combined with new face geometries solves a good bit of the problems I listed above. Branded SS20 (Super-Strength for 2020), the material is actually an FS2S titanium alloy. For the sake of clarity – none of this is meant to suggest that 10 more yards is a realistic possibility. The point is that, in spite of assertions to the contrary, the gray area between CT and COR provides a legitimate opportunity for incremental peak ball speed gains within the USGA rules. A couple of 10ths of a mile per hour may not sound like much, but it’s infinitely more than zero.

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Before we move on, let’s acknowledge that this is exactly the kind of claim golfers who can’t be bothered to understand the physics dismiss out of hand. The reality is that the correlation between CT (the USGA’s current face deflection metric) and COR is not absolute.

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MOI , in straightforward terms, is a measurement of an object’s ability to resist twisting. A higher MOI club is more stable when hit off-center, which helps to preserve ball speed on mis-hits. MOI is a significant component of what gets branded as forgiveness.

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As we’ve discussed in TaylorMade SIM and Cobra Speedzone driver launch stories, designing for higher MOI often means tradeoffs elsewhere. Specifically, high MOI shapes are typically less aerodynamically efficient , and boosting inertia usually mandates higher centers of gravity. It can also contribute to comparably slower ball speeds and, in some cases, declines in head speed too.

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With Mavrik’s Cyclone Aero Shape, more so than TaylorMade and Cobra, Callaway flattened the crown a bit and raised the skirt sections of the driver, while keeping the trailing edge high. By traditional design standards, TaylorMade and Cobra’s tall skirt designs would be considered unconventional. There’s a case to be made that Callaway has taken things a step further. Because it can achieve speed and spin robustness without a big body, Callaway was able to do some things with the shape of its driver to improve the aerodynamics. Improving sound involves altering both pitch and the duration over which specific frequencies resonate. Through the AI-driven placement of internal sound ribs, Callaway says it was able to resolve the sound issues. TaylorMade and Cobra see their shapes as the current and foreseeable future of driver design.