In addition, prices had recently recovered significantly globally, which some experts consider to be excessive.

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The Japanese Nikkei-225 went out of trading with a loss of 0.12 percent to 20,366.48 points. The CSI 300 with the 300 most important stocks on the Chinese mainland stock exchanges fell 0.14 percent to 3954.53 points and the Hang Seng in Hong Kong recently fell by 1.59 percent to 24 211.32 points.

Although the easing of restrictions has recently lightened investor sentiment, the other side of the coin is now showing, said market strategist Stephen Innes from broker Axicorp. The increasing mobility of people is likely to lead to the spread of the coronavirus with unclear consequences for the economy.

In addition, weak Chinese price data on Tuesday indicated a rather sluggish economic recovery from the consequences of the Corona crisis. In April, producer prices had fallen more sharply than they had been in four years and the rise in consumer prices had slowed unexpectedly. This accelerated the decline in prices at the producer level, which could indicate weak demand from manufacturing companies.

US President Donald Trump claims that he has indications that the corona pandemic may have originated in a Chinese research laboratory.

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When asked by a journalist whether he had any information about it that would give him a “high level of confidence” in this regard, Trump said twice in the White House on Thursday evening (local time): “Yes, I did.” The US President was referring to the Institute of Virology in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the first cases became known late last year.


The head of the laboratory, Yuan Zhiming, had denied allegations several days kill a mockingbird essay body paragraph Trump again criticized the leadership in China, which he accused of not stopping the virus. “They either couldn’t do it or they decided not to, and the world has suffered badly,” said the US President. Experts assume that the virus originates from bats and could have spread to humans either directly or via another animal as a host.


Trump also criticized the World Health Organization (WHO), which he compared to a “PR agency for China”. “You shouldn’t make excuses for people making terrible mistakes,” Trump said. “You should be ashamed of yourself.” Trump has put the US financial contributions to the WHO on hold because of these allegations in the corona crisis. The US is the main payer. Critics accuse Trump of looking for scapegoats in the corona crisis to divert attention from his own failures.


Trump did not want to confirm information from his own executive intelligence coordinator, Richard Grenell, when asked. Its office announced on Thursday that the US secret services, like most scientists, assumed that the novel corona virus was a natural and not man-made or manipulated pathogen. Trump said he did not see the relevant notice. There are many theories and the United States is investigating the origin. “We’ll find out.”


In the USA there has recently been speculation that the Sars-CoV-2 virus was accidentally released by a laboratory employee in Wuhan. The pandemic had started in the metropolis. Most scientists assume that the pathogen in China jumped from infected animals to humans and then spread quickly.


Trump again praised himself and his administration’s crisis management. “Nobody spent more time late at night thinking about what happened to this country,” he said. “I don’t think anyone did a better job than we did on testing, on ventilators, on all the things we did.” The President added, “We are proud of the job we have done.” Trump’s government has been criticized for weeks because of a lack of testing capacity. The president is also accused of reacting too late to the virus.


According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, more than a million infections with the coronavirus have now been recorded in the USA – almost a third of all cases worldwide. According to it, more than 62,000 people in the USA died as a result of an infection. Trump had said on April 17 that his administration expected 60,000 to 65,000 deaths as a result of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. In view of the rapidly increasing number of victims, it no longer seems realistic that these numbers will remain.


Trump is still trying to get the economy going again as quickly as possible. More than 30 million people have registered as unemployed since the coronavirus pandemic worsened in the United States in March. The number of initial jobless claims in the week up to and including April 25 was 3.8 million, according to the Labor Department in Washington on Thursday. The US economy is heading for a deep recession due to the coronavirus crisis. Before the crisis, Trump’s booming economy was the main argument in favor of his re-election next November.


Trump left it open whether he would wear a protective mask on an upcoming domestic trip or not – despite the officially valid recommendation to do so. Trump has hardly left the White House in recent weeks because of the corona pandemic. In the coming week he is now planning a visit to the US state of Arizona. When asked whether he would wear a respirator there, he said on Thursday it depends on the conditions of the visit. “I have no problem wearing a mask.” The question arises, however, whether this makes sense when he is giving a speech, for example.


Trump had held press conferences on the corona crisis almost every day in the past few weeks. US media reported that consultants advised against these appearances because they damaged his image. This was especially true after Trump raised the question last week whether it could be helpful in the fight against the coronavirus to inject people with disinfectant – which is life-threatening and provoked a storm of indignation. The White House no longer announced Trump’s appearances as press conferences in the past few days, but they still resembled them. On Thursday it was officially about protecting the elderly. Trump then told the journalists present that he would answer questions on other topics as well.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The corona restrictions are slowly being relaxed not only in Germany. Other states are also going this way – including Italy and Spain, which have been particularly hard hit. An overview.

The mask requirement is relaxed, outdoor sports permitted, shops open: After weeks of standstill due to the corona pandemic, some states are cautiously moving away from their strict restrictions on everyday life. A look at the developments in some countries:


The 60 million Italians have been allowed to go for walks again and visit relatives since Monday. Industry and the construction industry also started operations again. Restaurants are allowed to sell pick-up food and open additional shops. The use of public transport continues to be discouraged and it is mandatory to wear a mask in public buildings. The government quarantined people across the country on March 10.


All shops and many service providers such as hairdressers have been allowed to reopen since Saturday. However, hygiene regulations still apply. A minimum distance of one meter should be kept if possible and mouth and nose protection should be worn. As a first step, on April 14th, all hardware stores, garden centers and small shops were opened. The next steps are the opening of bars and restaurants in mid-May and hotels at the end of May.


Because the number of infections has been falling steadily for weeks, the strict curfew has been relaxed. Since Saturday, the Spaniards have been allowed to go for a walk again or play outdoor sports for the first time in seven weeks. A “new normal” is to be achieved by the end of June with a four-phase plan. Mandatory face mask and Corona relaxation – a week of contradictions?


The exit restrictions in the country are to be gradually relaxed from May 11th. A quick return to normal life is not expected. France is badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 24,000 people have died.


In Bulgaria it is no longer compulsory to wear a protective mask outside. People can now stay outdoors, in parks, on streets and at bus stops without mouth and nose protection. The mask requirement applies until May 13th in buses and trains, shops and churches. Then a two-month state of emergency should end.

Czech Republic

Here the government is accelerating its easing schedule for the corona measures again. From May 11th, the country’s cultural institutions are allowed to reopen, but allow a maximum of 100 people to enter at the same time. In museums, galleries, theaters, cinemas and concert halls, minimum distances must be observed between visitors. From May 11th, events such as weddings, sports events and church services with up to 100 participants can take place. Hairdressing salons are allowed to open, provided the employees wear face masks and protective visors.


Thousands of Slovak elderly and nurses working abroad no longer have to go to a state quarantine facility for 14 days after crossing the border, but can drive directly to their families, as the state health authority announced on Friday. To do this, however, they have to prove a negative test for the coronavirus. Most of the mostly female elderly care workers work at a rhythm that stipulates that after 14 days of work abroad they drive home for 14 days.

The Copenhagen police are lifting the ban on staying in a popular area in the Islands Brygge district. (Source: imago images)


The police in Copenhagen lifted a stay ban in a popular area in the Danish capital over the weekend. The measure for the waterfront zone in the Islands Brygge district will not be extended beyond Friday for the time being, the Copenhagen police said. Instead, they want to get the citizens of the city to keep their distance in the fight against the coronavirus and not to be in the same place with more than ten people: Among other things, areas with a size of a good 40 square meters are to be marked in each of which can be a maximum of ten people. In Islands Brygge there are long green areas and a harbor swimming pool, and the university is not far away.


Since Sunday the closure of the schools has been gradually lifted. First of all, the primary schools should teach the first to third grades on site and the secondary schools the two highest grades, the government said. Kindergartens and daycare centers should prepare for a planned opening from May 10th. In Israel the working week starts on Sundays. The remaining grades should be taught again in schools by June 1st at the latest.

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More than three months after closing due to the new coronavirus outbreak in China, the Imperial Palace in Beijing and the Great Wall have reopened to visitors. Parks and museums also opened their doors on Friday. Tickets had to be ordered over the internet. The number of visitors was severely limited. The Imperial Palace, also known as the Forbidden City, only allows 5,000 visitors a day – previously 80,000 were allowed. City parks only allow 30 percent of the usual number of visitors.

United States

In the United States, Texas and several other states have eased their coronavirus containment measures. In Texas, restaurants, movie theaters and retailers were allowed to reopen in limited numbers on Friday. Other mostly Republican-ruled states such as Alabama, Idaho, Iowa and Maine also eased the measures. There were local protests in Texas by Democrats who believe the easing is premature and reckless. In states without easing, however, there were protests against the ongoing restrictions. US President Donald Trump – a Republican – is pushing for the economy to reopen quickly.

Sources used: dpa news agency

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